Monday, June 3, 2019

Red and Rugged

Meet Jen and Kevin, owners of Red and Rugged, a company that creates artisan gift boxes. Kevin is the craftsman who uses his carpentry skills to build custom gift boxes. Jen uses her unique eye to find the handmade artist pieces that she assembles for her boxes. The couple combines their talents to make gifts that are truly one of a kind and simply beautiful. I have worked with them for a few years creating brand imagery and product shots for their website. Take a gander at their website and see what might tempt you!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Bridgette and Dietrich Engagement Shoot

I had the opportunity to photograph the cutest couple Bridgette and Dietrich. I had so much fun walking around their family’s house during the great May weather we had. Their furry companions, two adorable chocolate labs couldn’t help but jump in some photos with their lovely owners. Now that Bridgette and Dietrich have done their engagement shoot, also known as practice portrait session, they know how to be the perfect models for next time. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding at the Baltimore Country Club in June. Stay tuned for weddings photos in early July!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Stony Run Home

I have photographed the portfolio of Stony Run Home for several years now and enjoyed every minute of working with Lauri and Kelly Fitzgerald. This mother daughter team have an eye for the casual coastal aesthetic we all drool over in Serena &Lily. This team manages to pull off a unique style but with their own flair and of course while adding their client's own spin to it with their existing pieces. Working on a shoot with Lauri, I come first hand with her exacting detail of every architectural line, color tone and placement of small accessories.

We met as neighbors. I had a small studio at Wyndhurst station in Roland Park and she had a large design showroom/ store next door. I have always loved interior design and she asked if I had any interest in updating her portfolio. Years later, we have shot many homes showcasing their varied style all while keeping things light and airy. When people come to Lauri and Kelly, they are looking for a specific style and it comes through consistently in their design.

If interested in seeing just what they do, please visit or You'll instantly find yourself breathing slower and feeling relaxed almost immediately. Here is just a peek at a kitchen/ family room in Chevy Chase that we shot. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bar Mitzvah Festivities

Upon special request, here is a sneak peek at last weekend's
Bar Mitzvah for Chase and Owen
Beverly (my 2nd photog) and I had a blast shooting this night! Best party ever!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bumblebee Hill

This morning, I ventured up to my cousin's farm in Hamstead to photograph their family for their son's first year birthday. 

There were the usual distractions, Maggie the yellow lab, a crowing rooster, and yes, some home grown grapes for wine, but we made a bee line (yes, that was intentional) for the soybean field in the back.  Parker was perfect, as usual and his parents were on their best behavior too.  Thank you to my 9 year old CJ for taking the first picture of me in "work mode" as a pull back shot!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Coming home.

 Jon & Lisa remind me that love is truly about just coming home. A place that is comfortable, where you smile when you walk in the door. Their wedding symbolized laughter, family, friendships and the little things. Just like dancing the night away!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Family Love

Time for an extended family shoot! What better way to spend good family time together and knock out some grandparents gifts at the same time. These guys have come back to me to refresh their pictures as their family grows....and grows...and grows!